Tuesday, September 26, 2006

doggy in the window

you wouldn't even believe how much this doggy in the window cost! i don't think you can put a price on an animal when they bring so much to your life but this little puppy verged on the ridiculous with the pet shop can asking upwards of $700 for a cross breed. granted this little girl was a gorgeous pug/chihuahua cross- which just so happens to be my two favourite dog breeds- but still. madness i tell you, madness.

which brings me to my next conundrum- i want another dog. i know they say you shouldnt make any rash purchases when your feeling stressed or down but i cant shake this feeling. my little rose is very happily living with my grandparents and i just dont think i could split them. so this leaves me without a significant furry other in my life.

my rational brain tells me NOOOO but my crazy side says- don't think twice and never look back. maybe i can save the life of a pound puppy and in the process save a little slice of my sanity.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

the only man i've ever loved

this is jimmy. i have carted him around for 29 years and he's still going strong. save for one little problem- jimmy is a little dusty. i dont know what to do about this problem. can you take a teddy bear to the the dry cleaners?

jimmy is pretty much the only reminder i have left of my childhood. never managed to keep much else except a couple of nintendo gamewatchs. this is probably a good thing as im not much into memoirs of the past. that said, i do like others memories such as antiques etc.

im forever walking around my head cast downwards, milling a million things over in my head. this is what you can find if you cast your eyes upwards.......

Thursday, September 14, 2006


i stumbled across this painting in an old shack that had been closed off to the world for what seems to have been years. i loved it very much and was tempted to take it but something kept me from doing so. there was nothing else in this place except for this painting and the chair. i just got a sense that i shouldn't disrupt it.

Shannon has inspired me with her 10 things she is liking.

I dont exactly have 10 things tonight but i can think of 5:

1. green pencils
2. grid paper
3. pony up!- truth about cats and dogs
4. small blue cars
5. hunting for a green typewriter

Friday, September 08, 2006


its been FAR too long since my last post and for those of you who noticed, i do apologise. i have been doing my best hermit interpretation for the past week or so. sometimes you just got to bunker down.

last weekend i did manage to get out and enjoy the amazing spring weather and i captured this little critter as he ran out of the way of my big foot.

this shot was taken at gordon's bay which is possibly the most stunning cove along the eastern side of sydney. the best snorkelling can be had as the water is crystal clear. if you're lucky you can run into stunners like my good friend jenn here....enjoying the sites and my side splitting humour.

ill be back in the swing of things very shortly and ill be updating this old blog with a few sketches ive been doing. got to get that portfolio up and in business so i could quite possibly be running a few things past the strangers out there who stop by this site. nothing like getting over artistic shyness by sharing your work with the virtual universe.

oooh, and im almost finished an amazing book: a history of love by nicole krauss. if you haven't read it already, i highly recommend it for a good old laugh and a few tears all at once.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What's in your bag?

Although the contents of my bag can change on any given day, I think the inside of a "ladies" handbag can tell a lot about the person. The content on this day is as follows:
  • 1 green lime pulled from a tree in an alley way
  • 1 prescription for happy pills
  • 1 pair of sunglasses that (would die a thousand deaths if i loose these)
  • my purse/wallet
  • reading glasses case
  • a handful of Good & Plenty licorice candy (mmm mmm)

That was about it save for my lip gloss and car keys. A pretty boring day in my bag really.

So I'm interested to know what is hiding at that bottom of the bags of fellow bloggers out there....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

wee william

I was just flicking through an interview with William Eggleston in lula magazine. Got me thinking about age in film. Take for instance the above shot....there is something about age that gets me right in the guts. Its not a sympathy, I think its something to do with truth and honesty. Age brings to the front all of lifes mysteries. I would imagine that when you are 82 there isn't a whole lot you haven't experienced, particularly in terms of emotions.

Apart from wanting to steal her dress, this woman looks like she could keep you entertained for hours with her life monologue.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cat Stevens- If You Want To Sing Out

Never been a huge Cat Stevens fan but this video is the cutest
Georgina Retrospective: Part 2
The moment you've all been waiting for- I can hear a drum roll......

Who would have thought that the innocent little batgirl would transform into a maniac on a bmx? This is what I love about Georgie- she is on the other side of 30 and still holds on to the things she enjoys without fear. If she wants to ride a bmx when she is 40, she god damn will. If she wants to collect plastic fast food chain toys (although i wish she wouldn't), she bloody well will do that too!
The saddest part in this tale is that this bmx is sitting in a storage facility here in Sydney, gathering dust while poor old Georgie is down in Hobart. I think its high time the pair were reunited.